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  • Pre-Built Black x0xb0x

    Pre-Order Pre-Built x0xb0x's will ship on April 30th 2014 Special $469 pre-order price  This is a stock x0xb0x with no modifications. It's tested and ready to rock.  They have red LEDs, and using the rare parts...


  • x0xb0x Complete Kit w/Black Panels

    Comes with a paper build manual and a 9V/AC adapter.  Please specify ether a 120V or 230V adapter above. The 230V uses a Type E 2-pin plug, you may need to get an adapter to...


  • x0xb0x Black Express Kit

    x0xb0x PCBs with rare parts, 2 Thermistors, Main panel, IO panel, Grayhill encoders and ATmega162 Programmed Microcontroller. *please note that this is NOT a full kit. You will need to purchase additional parts. The BOM...


  • Main x0xb0x PCB

    Main x0xb0x PCB with green solder mask.


  • Black Laser Engraved Main Panel

    Black aluminum laser engraved top panel.    


  • x0xb0x I/O PCB

    x0xb0x IO PCB with green solder mask.


  • Black Laser Engraved I/O Panel

    Black Laser Engraved I/O Panel


  • I/O panel

    Stock I/O panel. This is the same panel from the adafrut kits.


  • ATmega162 Microcontroller

    ATmega162 Programmed Microcontroller x0xb0x Firmware SokkOS V1.9.1


  • 1K PTC Thermistor set of 2

    Out of stock but more on the way. Should get here in March 2014. A set of 2 1K PTC Thermistor. This is not a rare part but hard to find.


  • x0xb0x FT232 Soldering Service

    We'll solder and test the FT232 on the I/O board. This service is only available for complete kits. Please note that it may delay your complete kit shipment for an additional week.


  • 230V power option

     This is the 230V power option for the pre-built x0xb0x. The 230V uses a Type E 2-pin plug, you may need to get an adapter to get it to work in your country.