x0xb0x documentation, firmware, code, layout and PCB design is copyright (c) and the x0xb0x name is a registered trademark (R) of Limor Fried & Adafruit Industries. Used with permission.

Q: What is a x0xb0x?
A: A x0xb0x is a monophonic analog synthesizer. It was developed by Adafruit Industries in 2005 as an open source project that is open to modification and commercialization to everyone.

Q: Does it sound exactly like a TB-303?
A: This topic is debated relentlessly, the fact that there is no clear answer tells me that at the very least it is extremely close.

Q: Are you a part of Adafruit Industries?
A: I am not a part of Adafruit Industries. We are two completely separate and independent companies.

Q: I was on the waiting list, can I get my place back in line?
A: The waiting list is gone. Also, I am not a part of Adafruit Industries so I never had access to the list. Read this announcement.

Q: Is there going to be a waiting list?
A: For the time being I don’t really see the need to have one. If it turns out that I have miscalculated the demand then I will look at my options.

Q: How many kits do you plan to make?
A: The plan is to do another run of 500 kits.

Q: Can someone with no electronic experience build a x0xb0x?
A: It depends. The x0xb0x is an advanced project for a first time build. A lot of first timers have successfully build a x0xb0x but a lot have failed as well. I think the deciding factor is organization and drive.

Q: Were are you located?
A: I am in Taiwan.

Q: Do I have to pay customs Tax?
A: Yes. Generally speaking, anything that you have shipped internationally will have some taxes involved. Sometimes a shipment will get delivered without any tax, but in most cases there will be some kind of VAT, tariff or duty. It varies a lot from country to country, so there is no way for me to predict your country’s customs/fee habits. So be prepared to pay full VAT on the fully declared value of your order as well as any customs fees your country’s postal system may charge you.

Q: Can you mark this a gift or under value it so I can get out of paying taxes?
A: Under no circumstances will we ship your order as a “gift” or list an incorrect value on the customs form. Misrepresenting shipments on customs forms is a serious offense and we risk fines by not following customs guidelines.

Q: Do you build completed x0xb0x’s?
A: From time to time I might have a x0xb0x available to sell but it’s quite rare. If you are looking for a completed x0xb0x check eBay as there are usually one or two available.

Q: Can you repair my x0xb0x?
A: I will do this on a case by case basis. You must have purchased a kit from me as I will only do repairs on my kits. Turnaround time is dependent on my current work load. Please e-mail me for pricing and availability.

Q: Do you do mods?
A: Its something that I really don’t have time for at the moment, maybe some time in the future.

Q: How long is it going to take me to build a x0xb0x?
A: It depends on your experience. If this is your first kit then plan on giving up a few weekends.

Q: Wow is this is a really cheap way to get a 303?
A: Yes, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to buy a kit than a 303. But its also about learning something new and with your new skills there are hundreds of cool music projects to get into.