• x0xb0x Complete Kit w/Black Panels


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    I am currently on a long semi-working vacation so all items will ship from the USA. (yes I am actually going to pack up parts with me)

    I will not be available to start shipping again until after the July 4th holiday. I will try to ship once every 10 days. As a bonus there will be free shipping to anyone that orders in the USA during this time. Thanks for the understanding it's not very often I get a chance to take some time off.

    Comes with a paper build manual and a 9V/AC adapter. 

    Please specify ether a 120V or 230V adapter above. The 230V uses a Type E 2-pin plug, you may need to get an adapter to get it to work in your country.

    x0xb0x Firmware SokkOS V1.9.1

    We also offer pre-soldering service for the FT232 for an additional $25. To have your FT232 installed and tested, please add the service here.

    BOM can be found here

    NOTE: Due to the rarity of the 2SC2291 and the 2SC1583 I have switched to using the NTE44 and NTE42 transistor. The secondary market is full of fakes and if I do find real ones there is insufficient quantity to keep making kits. I am almost certain that the NTE transistors are originals with the markings removed as the spec is Identical and I have noticed no sonic difference. Unfortunately the NTE's is also rare and I will need to move to a modern replacement soon. I will update this page when that happens. 

    You can also get a Pre-Built one over here for $395

    Ships via EMS airmail and will be insured with tracking info.

    Shipping Cost:
    One kit      $25 
    Two kits     $40
    Three kits  $52
    Four kits    $65
    * contact me if you need more then four kits.
    Low Value Shipping is available to my European customers.
    One Kit $30 



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